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Till Tears into Usman’s Excuses, Talks March Card



Darren Till has torn into what he calls Kamaru Usman’s excuses, stating that he would think nothing of missing UFC London if it meant he could face off against Wonderboy, aka Stephen Thompson. Usman was expected to call the English fighter out after his dominant win over Emil Meek at UFC 124 in St Louis on Sunday. Instead, the so-called Nigerian nightmare attempted to tie himself to a fight with Colby Covington.

Till Says the News Wasn’t Good

Till said that he was sure Usman would call him out during the interview post-fight, and added that, although he did not see it, he had heard only bad reviews of Usman’s performance. Till stated that apparently Usman’s striking was awful, and his main move was forcing his opponent up against the fence.

Darren Till is No Emil Meek

Till then stated that, although Usman may have gotten away with that kind of fighting against Meek, there was no way it would’ve worked with him, he has a stronger psychological make up as well as being the better fighter. He said that he was not only twice Usman’s size, but twice as strong as well, before tearing into the fighter for stating that he was at 30% after his victory.

Excuses Have No Place in the MMA

Till stated that Usman was talking rubbish, and his performance hadn’t proved anything to anybody. He mentioned that Usman’s claim of 30% simply had no place in the UFC, that when one enters the cage one leaves any excuses outside of it.

He stated that whether you were feeling ill, or had a broken bone, the reason you were in the cage was because of a choice you made, and this should be honoured and respected at all times.

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Will Till Appear on the March 17 London Card?

Many of Till’s fans in the United Kingdom are anticipating that the Team Kaobon fighter, who remains undefeated, will be attached to the forthcoming London Card on the 17th of March, but Till is insisting that he has not seen any indications that this will be the case, having yet to hear from the UFC regarding whether or not he will be taking part.

Till stated that this did not concern him, thanks to his status as the biggest star in the Welterweight division -after the current champion of course. He said that he is sitting back for now, focussing on training, and that he is pleased with things the way they are. He said that, at only 25-years old, he had time, and was happy that people were getting excited about seeing him return.

Till said that if he is on the card he would show up and bring his best, but if he is not he will do whatever else came his way. He ended by saying that the decision was one only the UFC could make, as his bosses, and that he would simply make sure he was ready to fight whoever they pitted him against.

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