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Marlon Sandro Faces 20-Year Prison Sentence



Pat Curran KO's Marlon Sandro at Bellator 48

Three years after the harrowing news broke that MMA fighter War Machine had raped, beaten then kidnapped his former lover, adult film star Christy Mack, the industry is still dealing with the fallout.

The recent #metoo movement has certainly highlighted sexism and systemic abuse in many industries but now once again MMA is in the spotlight thanks to a veteran fighter coming to terms with the twilight years of his career.

Brazilian MMA stalwart Marlon Sandro has been charged with attempted murder this week after a very similar incident to War Machine and Mack infolded between him and his then-fiancée Tayssa Wuensche.

Sandro is a 37-year-old competitor that has been seen in Bellator, Sengoku, and Pancrase tournaments. Now he faces multiple criminal charges amassed over two separate incidents. This may very well be the end of this journeyman’s career, and those who previously bet on him may want to focus on something else, like FIFA World Cup betting or some other sport. Because Sandro is unlikely to fight againAllegedly the incident was sparked by Sandro accusing his fiancée of destroying his career somehow.

The Shocking Incident

The incident took place on the 14th of December in Rio de Janeiro. Sandro first injured his fiancée’s arm before taking her to the ground, in full view of the public, and choked her out. When she came to he continued punching and kicking her in the street. Now Sandro is facing 20 years in jail for attempted murder.

The media has been abuzz with the news of this crime, especially since domestic abuse and violence against women has come under the spotlight. Many have cited steroid abuse as an exacerbating factor in these fits of domestic rage that have occurred all throughout high impact sports.

The second incident occurred with Sandro under the influence. He broke into his fiancées home on February 9 and threatened her with a knife. He then started choking her out with a pillow every time she would cry or make a sound. It wasn’t until Wuensche’s mother and brother came to look for her that she was freed from her captor.

Sandro has so far only responded via a social media post. The fighter made a video in which he states he has made many mistakes but he has been a good citizen and deserves a second chance. He has also asked for his job back after Nova Uniao terminated his contract in December. With such a public outburst, followed by clear attempted kidnap and murder charges, Sandro’s future appears quite certain, spent in a Brazilian correctional facility where his mettle will certainly be tested.

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