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Birth of the Ogitchidaa



Birth of the Ogitchdaa

by Stephan Moran

Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions presents Birth of the Ogitchidaa on March 31st, 2018! The fights will take place at 7pm in the Bay Area Civic Center. The Bay Area Civic Center is located at 320 4th Street West in Ashland, Wisconsin 54806.

Ogitchidaa, which means warrior in Native American, is a new mixed martial arts promotion whose vision is to showcase the sport in a progressive way by allowing their fighters to showcase their talents while allowing them to be properly compensated by receiving 75% of the proceeds on their PPV sales.

Birth of the Ogitchidaa is being promoted by Chris Hicks, Danielle Maulson, and Andrea “A-Jo” Johnson. Chris’s vision for the promotion is to be the leading true tournament series that brings organized MMA to the surface. “I’m looking to be the platform to grow all amateurs not only in a safe way, but also into a lifestyle.” Hicks believes Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions will eventually shut down everyone! “I see us outdoing KOTC and having everyone converting to brackets for MMA,” said Hicks. “Not just for professionals, but for amateurs as well.” The tournament will take nine months for someone to become a champion. Eight men or women will dedicate their lives and compete to become the champion, but only one will become The Ogitchidaa! Hicks believes that the title will be much more gratifying, especially for Native people as “this is a cultural revitalization, giving the people the identity they’ve been searching for.”

Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions will be much different from other promotions. Each bracket will be comprised of eight fighters who will be selected nationwide for both amateurs and professionals. Hicks believes, “that my amateurs will be better than professionals by the end of the tournament and they will continue to grow because many professionals never fight outside of their own states which is HUGE!”

Lucas McConnell, a bantamweight fighter, believes that Hicks and the rest of the promotion will help the fighters become bigger names. “This promotion is so good because of the people at the top. They help us small name fighters get out there. Most promotions only get people from within their states, which limits exposure, but OFP (Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions) gets fighters from all over which lets our names spread over a larger area.”

To become the Ogitchidaa, you must win the tournament. After that, you get entered into the next bracket and anyone who fights him or her, has to fight the Ogitchidaa for five rounds with the Ogitchidaa title on the line.

A very unique and fresh aspect of Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions is that everyone is matched into the bracket on the same pay scale. “There will be no more this guy gets paid 3 and 3, but I’m making 10 and 10,” said Hicks. “Everyone works the same pay scale. If you win another tournament, your pay will increase to 2 and 2 per title defense. Everyone is paid the exact same and only the best will win!”

Timothy L. Barber, a bantamweight fighter, believes the tournament will give younger fighters the chance to make an impact. “This tournament is great. It provides a lot of us young guys the opportunity to go out and show our stuff.” Another notable difference to other promotions, in a way to eliminate political infighting, is that both amateurs and professionals will receive 75% of all the money earned off their PPV promo code. “This will be healthier for our fighters and this platform will give them the incentive to engage in their full potential.”

Another interesting aspect of the promotion will be their double feature events. After the fights, the promotion will throw a hip-hop concert, also known as a “social,” for the fighters. The main reasons for this are to get rid of the tension, for fighters to make friends from all over the nation, to help with sportsmanship and will allow fans to engage with the fighters. “We want to promote fighting in a healthy way, to help these young men and women grow their fan bases as well as to enjoy themselves in a designed format that promotes health and wellness, positive social interaction and allows these fighters to become idols and superstars to many, including children,” Hicks said.

The main objective of the “social” links back to the Ogitchidaa and how a warrior should carry themselves! Performing at the social will be the following artists: Trent Truchon, Mitchell Lafernier and Walt Trab. Promoter Chris Hicks will be donating all the gloves to the boys and girls club to their youth MMA and boxing programs.

To purchase tickets to the Birth of the Ogitchidaa click here. There will also be future shows in 2018. They will take place on March 31st, June 30th, September 29th & December 29th. In order to buy tickets and/or PPV, go to Ogitchidaa Fight Promotions and click “Shop Now.”

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