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Maynard Wants to Fix What’s Wrong With MMA Training



Gray Maynard

Gray Maynard hits the scales at UFC weigh-ins. (Photo Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

Maynard Says MMA Training Is In Its Infancy

The UFC’s Gray Maynard says that MMA training is still in its infancy and that he hopes to be the one to catalyze its evolution.

He’s Seen It All

With a history in MMA fighting going back over 12 years, Maynard has seen it all, but the one thing that stands out is how fighters prepare for their bouts. Maynard, with 13-6-1 in MMA and 11-6-1 in UFC, is set to meet Nik Lentz, with 28-9-2 in the MMA and 12-6-1 in UFC on October 6th in Las Vegas for UFC 229, and has traveled the world over the course of his career, spending time training in many different gyms and with various coaches.

Over time he has become increasingly aware of what to do on the training mat and what to avoid and has stated that his goal now is to pass this knowledge on and find ways in which things can be done better.

He’s spoken of how everyone always wanted all the moves, but his main interest has always lain in finding the best ways to train. He spoke of businesses trying to streamline everything in order to make more money and said that this was exactly how professional athletes should look at their careers.

Although he certainly doesn’t claim to have all the answers, Maynard does have confidence in his experience, which, as punters who enjoy MMA wagering thanks to Australian sports betting sites that offer markets on it will know, is not inconsiderable.

A Step Forward

With the UFC opening up its Las Vegas-based Performance Institute and gyms rolling back on live sparring and high-impact training, Maynard sees a chance to take the operations of MMA a step forward.

The Bully, as he’s known, has already started putting his ideas into practice, often serving as an Xtreme Couture coach in Las Vegas in an effort to pay it forward. Of course, he’s still a fighter first, but Maynard is clearly very interested in coaching and considers turning it into a career when the day comes that sees him hanging up his gloves.

Ahead of the Game

Maynard commented that he has long felt like he was broadening his horizons in MMA training, looking for new ways to do it. He acknowledges that it may not have played out well in certain types of competitions, but he was unafraid of trying new things, and he is eager to help fighters who are on their way up now. He stated that anyone making it in this industry brings him joy, and he hoped to see every single person making enough money to retire and start giving something back.

Maynard says that athletes and coaches often make things harder than they have to be, and really beat themselves up. He spoke of trying to open up people’s eyes to the fact that things can be a little bit easier when you smarten up and start streamlining. He ended off by saying that he aimed to try and help whoever asked him to, and if this meant a chance to coach, all the better.

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