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Everything You Need to Know Before Joining MMA



If you are planning on joining MMA and looking for some important information before doing so then we are here. The fame of fighters wearing just shorts and gloves fighting in an octagon people are more drawn towards MMA. Here you will get all the important information you need to know before joining MMA. And in the end, you would be able to make better decisions.

What is MMA?

MMA a.k.a Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of different martial arts focusing on attack and defense techniques like holds, throws, punches, kicks, chokes, takedowns, and joint-locks to win a fight or control the opponent. It is an aggressive close combat sport. UFC is a professional platform where you can fight others.

How can you get into MMA?

Let’s start with, getting into MMA and getting into UFC are two different things. First, make and clear your goals then choose a martial art form that aligns with your goals. Learning MMA is learning different martial art forms so be patient and consistent. If you don’t know where to start just find a good MMA gym pack your gear into your training bag and just start training. As later on, you will gain more knowledge you can easily decide what to do.

MMA components

Striking, grappling, and submission are core components of MMA and most important to learn. Striking is to learn to attack with your body. Grappling is to learn to gain and holding a dominant position with your opponent while trying for a takedown. Submission is to learn and perform joint locks and chokes.

What should you focus on?

Learning of striking, grappling, and submission is very important. Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling and Judo teach you these skills making you a better MMA fighter.


It teaches the basic skills you would need. Even if you don’t pursue it professionally it would teach you self-defense. Plus, it is one of the best workouts that will make your body ripped and strong. It is a good stress buster and you get to make a new family with your fellow trainees and the coach. There are many other physical as well as mental health benefits of MMA too.

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Tips for beginners

  • Search for gyms offering MMA training near you.
  • Visit and assess the gym and join if you find everything right.
  • You’ll be hitting and get hit so be ready.
  • Be patient and never give up.
  • Talk to your trainer and change if there is something wrong.
  • Not all trainers have professional experience.
  • Not all professionally experienced trainers are the best.
  • Do not avoid sparring or any other part of the training.
  • Be open to learning and practicing.
  • Put your training into practice.

Is MMA safe?

MMA is safe if you are doing it just for fitness. To be good at MMA or just learn it for self-defense involves sparring, striking and other things.

Gear you need

Don’t think of training without the following gear unless you want to injure yourself badly.

  • MMA gloves
  • MMA shorts
  • Head-guard
  • Mouth-guard
  • Rash-guard
  • Groin-guard
  • Shin-guard

Cost of learning Mixed Martial Arts

MMA gym memberships cost between $70 to $220 a month. The cost of learning MMA depends on your location, training days a month, and the trainer. And then you would have to buy gear and keep a good diet so add that in too. Don’t cheap out on gear and go for the quality. It will empty the pocket but will save you from injuries better than cheap ones.

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