Website: Krav Maga Illinois

Krav Maga Illinois is an official training center of Krav Maga Worldwide in California. We are a 2 story 4,000 sq. ft. training facility featuring Krav Maga Reality Self Defense and Awareness Training for Adults and Children. Krav Maga Illinois also offers a quality Boxing program, Muay Thai (taught by Amateur Fighter Mitch Nix), MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (taught by Pro Fighter Eric Kriegermeier) and strength and conditioning classes to complement your Self Defense Training, or to prepare you for competitive fighting.

Krav Maga Illinois is the only school in the state to be licensed to teach Bas Rutten Systems. Certified Level 3 BRS Instructor Jesse O’Connor has participated in instructor’s certification courses held by Bas Rutten himself. We also offer Krav Maga Force Training for Law Enforcement and Military Personnel only. This class is taught by a certified instructor and active Chicago Police Officer with over 15 years of street experience. Our instructors are all qualified and certified in their areas of expertise. Come in for a free trial in any of our classes. For info call 847-433-0405 or visit us at


2200 Skokie Valley Road

Highland Park, Illinois 60035