In November of 2009, HCX ceased to be as a facility for MMA instruction. HCX still remains as a promotional company, but the Hill brothers now teach out of Suda MMA Academy, a 7,000 sq. foot facility in Joliet.

SUDA MMA Academy specializes in the instruction of Jiu-jitsu (Brazilian and Freestyle), SUDA Vale Tudo, and Pankration (Mixed Martial Arts). SUDA MMA prides itself on teaching the latest and most effective mixed martial arts skills for competition, self-protection, and self-improvement. Classes are instructed by the Internationally known Hill Brothers, Ron and James Hill. The Hill Brothers have combined nearly 60 years of martial arts training, competition, teaching, and coaching experience. Classes include training in stand-up skills as found in boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and more combined with wrestling and jiu-jitsu. SUDA Mixed Martial Arts welcomes the competitive athletes as well as the non-competitive athlete. Come and learn a complete form of Martial arts.

You can check out their website: Suda MMA

Stop by the gym or call:
JOLIET, IL 60435
(815) 666-5100

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