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C3 Welterweight champion DeRay Davis successfully defended his title against Quinton McCottrell by earning a majority decision victory.  Despite the win bad feelings towards McCottrell remain.

Ring announcer Ray Flores hyped the fight as a “battle of intense dislike and borderline hatred” before introducing the two fighters.  Strong words to describe the feelings between the two, but the champ confirmed the hyperbole when he exclaimed on the mic before the ref’s instructions, “talk your s–t now boy!”  The final verbal jab drew a roar from the crowd and electrified the atmosphere.

It was no secret what each man wanted to do.  Quinton moved along the outside keeping Davis at bay with jabs and kicks all the while looking for the takedown.  Deray wanted to keep the fight standing so he could pick his opponent apart with his precision boxing.  McCottrell succeeded in getting Davis on the ground and won the opening round on the judges cards.

But Davis went on to decidedly take the 2nd and 3rd rounds as it appeared McCottrell was tiring. “El Diablo” peppered the challenger from the outside with striking and was also able win the battle on the mat.  Davis worked back to his feet when he could, and he also managed to sweep and work some ground and pound of his own.  But overall, spectators did not see the explosive finish expected in this fiery rivalry.

In a curious move one judge ruled the match a draw at 28-28, but the other two judges gave it to Davis scoring it 29-28 on their cards giving him the majority decision.  This fight hardly brought closure as Davis proclaimed he’d likely never lose his dislike for McCottrell.  Watch DeRay Davis’ complete post-fight interview below.

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