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C3 Bantamweight Champion Jared McMahon successfully defended his belt against challenger Antonio Canas.

The entrances for both fighters should have been the first clue this would be an entertaining match to watch.  Canas had his own personal rapper firing off lyrics as Antonio approached the ring.  Meanwhile Jared paraded in to the sound of bagpipes.

Both fighters came out ready to trade strikes on the feet.  During the exchanges McMahon closed several times getting the fight into the clinch where they worked their knees.  Canas did a good job of denying McMahon the takedowns as well as getting the better of the knee exchanges.  Towards the end of the round Jared did manage to get it to the ground and apply a triangle choke, but Antonio was able to power out of the submission.

“The Spider” McMahon changed the momentum in the second round.  Both fighters again traded punches and kicks with Antonio landing several shots.  But Jared landed the most significant punch, a strong right hand that put Canas down.  McMahon followed with an arm in guillotine attempt but Canas was able to hold out.  McMahon kept up the pressure by locking in another triangle attempt before the bell.

Both fighters knew the third round would likely win the fight and Canas came out looking to land a fight ending kick or punch.  But in his aggression he walked right into a guillotine.  Jared’s BJJ was on display as he was able to neutralize any effective ground and pound “The Aztec God Of War” attempted in his guard.  The Braulio Corral purple belt also managed to put Canas on his back and smoothly passed guard to side control and then mount where he worked some g’n’p of his own.  McMahon ended up taking Canas’ back just before the final bell.

All three judeges saw the fight 29-28 in McMahon’s favor.  Watch below for Jared’s post-fight interview as well as his thoughts on what may lie in the road ahead.

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