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Results and summaries from the June 27th Total Fight Challenge in Hammond, Indiana.

TJ Rowley (0-0) vs. James Bragg (0-1) 185 lb.

Rowley stuffed a few takedown attempts from Bragg and then got his back. He worked to top position and then a mount. He was firing — and landing — strikes until referee Mark Sawicki stepped in and halted the bout.

Rowley wins debut. TKO via strikes at 1:50 of round 1.

Dave Cawell (0-2) vs. Kyle Mossman (3-0) 135 lb.

Mossman immediately took the fight to the ground — and it stayed there. Mossman worked strikes and eventually got Cawell in a RNC. He tapped at 2:15 of round 1. Mossman moves to 4-0.

Jim McCarville (7-2) vs. Mike Barkloo (0-2) 155 lb.

McCarville shook off an early shot from Barkloo. As Barkloo tried to move in close to strike McCarville quickly got him in a guillotine. Once he had it in, he dropped to the floor and Barkloo tapped soon after. The fight ended at :57 of round 1 and McCarville moves to 8-2.

Bryan Fielder (11-5) vs. Jason Schmidt (3-0) 155 lb.

The first pro fight of the card opened with Fielder landing a huge head kick. But Schmidt was unfazed and took the fight to the ground.  The fighters moved back to their feet and Schmidt was riding Fielder’s back looking to sink in a choke. He got it and it was deep, but amazingly Fielder survived. Schmidt then landed a devastating knee and a cross that felled Fielder. The ref stepped in to end at 4:58 of round 1. Schmidt improves to 4-0 in a dominant performance.

Rob Morrow (16-8) vs. Pete Barrera (5-2) 185 lb.

Morrow opened with some huge strikes — knees and lefts — that caused Barrera to get on his horse. Morrow tracked him down but Barrera got him to the ground. Barrera could not pass Morrow’s tight guard. Morrow eventually got Barrera in a triangle and grabbed hold of Barrera’s arm. The armbar was too much to handle and Barrera had to tap at 1:28 of round 1. Morrow is now 17-8.

Tony Wisnieski (10-3) vs. Emanuel Eddy (1-0) 170 lb.

Action began when Wisnieski tossed Eddy to the ground but Eddy swiftly reversed into top position. The fight got back to standing and the fighters traded for a bit. Wisnieski landed a straight right that dropped Eddy to one knee.

Eddy got back up but Wisnieski got repeated takedowns. On the last takedown of the round, Wisnieski got Eddy’s back and peppered him with strikes. It allowed him to sink in a RNC but Eddy was able to hold on until the end of the round.

Eddy began round 2 with a takedown of Wisnieski, but it didn’t last. Wisnieski got top position and had one of Eddy’s arms immobilized. Eddy was an open target and Wisnieski landed furious strikes until Eddy verbally tapped at 2:47 of round 2. Wisnieski moves to 11-3.

Jeff Charlebois (Pro Debut) vs. Yusup Saadulaev (4-0-1) 145 lb.

The fight began with Saadulaev landing a big head kick on Charlebois. Then Saadulaev foiled a takedown attempt and got Charlebois to the mat. From there he worked his ground game, looking for a few choke attempts. He eventually sunk in a D’arce choke that he switched to a guillotine. That finished Charlebois as he tapped at 2:39 of round 1. Saadulaev improves to 5-0-1.

Main Event: Light Heavyweight Championship- Anthony Gomez (3-1) vs. Bill Hill (17-17) 205 lb.

Gomez landed 2 strong lefts early and was working solid jabs. He was quicker to let go of his hands than Hill, and he landed some knees against the cage. Hill repeatedly tried to move Gomez up against the cage but did not score from there. Gomez landed a solid left to end the round.

Round 2 begins with Hill again forcing Gomez up against the cage. The fight moved to the floor where Hill worked a guillotine. Gomez got out and reversed to top position. He tried to work ground and pound and eventually passed to half-guard and worked some sick body shots. He kept Hill on his back to end the round.

Round 3 begins the same way as round 2 — Hill pushing Gomez up against the cage. This time Hill got a takedown. He didn’t get much done there and the fighters got back to their feet. Hill scored with a nice right and again worked Gomez up against the cage and took him down. Gomez was looking for a kimura from the bottom, but got to top position. From there he worked a straight arm bar that caused Hill to tap at 4:46. Anthony Gomez improves to 4-1 and is the new TFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

The Torres Martial Arts fighter had the home crowd behind him and he said it helped push him through when he wanted to relax. When ring announcer Ray Flores asked Gomez what’s next for him, Gomez replied, “Anyone. Anywhere. I just want to keep bangin’.”

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