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Chicago police officer Mike Russow looked as if he was going to lose by decision to Todd Duffee at UFC 114. Duffee had won rounds 1 & 2 with ease, battering Russow with shots while avoiding Russow’s takedown attempts and not receiving any damage. But then out of nowhere at 2:35 of round 3, Russow caught Duffee with a right hand that sent him to the canvas. He would never get up. Russow had pulled off an amazing comeback KO.

“It was an awful fight, I’m not very happy with it”, Russow told Joe Rogan.

Russow has fought in many of the long-running local promotions in the Chicagoland area including Brawl At Bourbon Street, Xtreme Fighting Organization and Combat-Do Fighting Challenge. He also participated in the debut show for Adrenaline MMA at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates.

Competing on a major stage is not new to Russow. He is a veteran of the late Pride Fighting Championships, and he defeated Russian Roman Zentsov in the Yarennoka – New Years Eve 2007 show in Japan. But with his KO victory over Duffee and his UFC 102 win Russow is now 13-1 in his career and undefeated in the UFC.

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