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by Tim Priester

So my buddy says to me prior to the Lesnar/Carwin fight that he thinks Carwin was going to win and he had a 12 pack on it. Not one to shy away from a bet especially one dealing with beer, unless it was that bet of jumping off my house and using the trampoline to try and clear my neighbor’s house…dude, it was a two story with an 80’s antennae! But back to this bet. He was telling me stories of Carwin’s magnificent first round defeats and how not one lasted more than four minutes. How Carwin, who by the way looks huge, at 6’4 and 265 was evenly matched against the bigger looking Lesnar. He felt Lesnar hadn’t really been tested, how could he in so few MMA fights. And he felt confident; enough to make it that fancy beer.

I took the bet. I thought that other than Mir and Gonzaga, Carwin hadn’t really been tested, and that although Lesnar was returning from a devastating injury that kept him from the ring, Carwin had a year in between victories himself. Lesnar also beat Mir (he may have lost to Mir early on in his career but that was when Lesnar was fresh to the ring), Couture (yes, that legend) and I wouldn’t hold his going to a decision on the Herring fight against him, after all he wasn’t rushing in to lose again like he did against Mir.

So the fight started and man was I confident in my boy Lesnar. That was good for about 10 seconds and then came Carwin’s famous first round. That was brutal. An unbelievable fury that would have killed any normal man, but Brock managed to keep his bearings and held off the blasts as part of his game plan. I thought for a moment, “There goes my free beer!”

Thankfully that moment lasted for about 10 seconds of the second round. Lesnar did what he has done since college, used his size to control the flow of the match, and about half way through the second round he submitted Carwin via the arm triangle.

Now the questions would have to be asked, Did Lesnar show that he was fully recovered from his injury and ready to retain the heavy-weight belt? Was this Carwin’s only chance to take on a less than 100% Lesnar and become champ? Who will face Lesnar next? Frankly I don’t have an answer yet, just drinking in my victory!

Tim Priester is a local MMA fan and a new contributor to Chicago’s MMA.

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