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Results from American Predator Fighting Championship, August 21st in Lemont, IL

Jeff Lavalle Vs. Reginald Brown (135)

Brown defeats Lavalle via Unanimous Decision.

Julius Thompson Vs. Nate Patrick (185lb)

Patrick defeats Thompson via TKO at 2:40 of round 3.

Louie Boulhanis Vs Jabari Dill (170 lb)

Boulhanis defeats Dill via TKO at :15 of round 3

Anthony Lorenzo Vs. Kevin Scott (145lb)

Scott defeats Lorenzo via sub-RNC at 2:43 of round 2

Victor Johnson Vs. Darwin Hill (145lb)

Johnson defeatsĀ  Hill by Submission- Arm Triangle at :56 of round 3

Teon Barry Vs Sebastian Antosiewics (Heavys)

Antosiewics defeats Barry via verbal sub at 1:17 of round 2

Chandler Fadler Vs. Dustin Stusse (155lb)

Stusse defeats Fadler via TKO, 2:45 of round 2.

Marcin Pogorzelski Vs. Marcus Hurt (170lbs)

Pogorzelski defeats Hurt by submission-RNC, 1:56 of round 1.

Otis Brumfield Vs. Tim Savanok (155 lbs)

Savanok defeats Brumfield via Unanimous Decision

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