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Results from “Ruckus Invades Navy Pier”, 9/11/10, Chicago, IL

Peter Grimes (7-6) vs. Charles Wilson (6-10) – Grimes def. Wilson via Unanimous Decision

Chris Garcia (1-0) vs. Will Serment (1-0) Garcia def. Serment via Tap-RNC at 2:45, Rd. 1

Terrel Brown (1-0) vs. Vadianao Lialuz (0-0) Brown def. Lialuz via Unanimous Decision

Carson Beebe (4-0) vs. Gustavo Rodriguez (3-5) Beebe def. Rodriguez via TKO at 2:30, Rd. 2

Vincent Ramos (2-0) vs. Chris Lane (2-1) Ramos def. Lane via Tap-RNC at 2:30, Rd. 2

Rob Meniguez (4-0) vs. Randy Fuentes (4-1) Fuentes def. Meniguez via Tap-RNC at 4:46, Rd. 3

Clay French (18-6) vs. Billy Stamp (15-7) French def. Stamp via Split Decision

Matt “Sunshine” Fiordorosa (11-1) vs. DJ Fuentes (6-5) Fiordorosa def. Fuentes via Unanimous Decision

Chase Beebe (13-5) vs. Pablo Alfonso (6-2) [Bantamweight Title Bout] Beebe def. Alfonso via Tap-RNC at 2:32, Rd. 1

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