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Results from XFO-37: Road to Glory, Saturday, December 4, 2010 in Lakemoor, Il.

Charlie Richardson vs. Darren Finley
Team Curran’s Richardson exhibited some excellent grappling, and escaped a heel hook attempt by Finley. He smothered him from there and locked in an arm triangle that finished Finley. Richardson def. Finley, submission- arm triangle, 1:15 of Round 2.

Zac Babiarz vs. Randy McMahel
Babiarz and McMahel had an exciting early exchange, but then Babiarz rocked McMahel with a left hook that made him cover up and retreat. A beautiful trip by Babiarz got McMahel to the ground, and “The Animal” took his back, sunk in his hooks and choked McMahel out. Babiarz def. McMahel, submission- RNC, 1:48 of Round 1.

Anthony Angel vs. Rob Couillard
This bout was over early as Couillard caught Angel in an armbar that he couldn’t wriggle out from. Couillard def. Angel, submission- armbar, :52 of Round 1.

Mikey Phillips vs. Jared Karlen
Karlen ate a stiff right hand but pulled guard on Phillips. From there, he got back up and latched on to Phillips’ neck. He secured a D’arce choke and finished the fight. Karlen def. Phillips, submission- D’arce choke, :46 of Round 1.

Vince Ramos vs. Chris Bennett
Bennett got the quickest win of the night when he choked out Ramos just :17 into the first round. Bennett def. Ramos, submission- guillotine, :17 of Round 1.

Frank Pizzirulli vs. Mike Pitz
Pitz greeted Pizzirulli with a huge, cage-rattling slam. Pitz held him on the ground after that and proceeded to land loud, punishing strikes from top position. The ref stopped in to end it after Pizzirulli could no longer defend himself. Outstanding display of ground and pound from MTC’s Pitz. Pitz def. Pizzirulli, TKO- strikes, 2:00 of Round 1.

Amanda LaVoy vs. Felice Herrig
The bell sounded and LaVoy raced to the middle of the cage. She threw a left head kick that did not connect and sent her to the ground. Herrig pounced on her and started pounding on LaVoy. LaVoy had half-guard, but it didn’t bother Herrig as she continued to post up and deliver punishment to LaVoy for the first two minutes of the fight. LaVoy tried to get free but Herrig then achieved full mount. An amazing display of flexibility by LaVoy kept Herrig from doing much damage initially, but then Herrig worked an armbar. LaVoy countered by trying to catch Herrig in a triangle. Herrig easily escaped that and locked in her own triangle in the process. She improved her position, locked in the triangle and grabbed on to LaVoy’s arm. LaVoy tapped. Very impressive performance by the “L’il Bulldog”. Herrig def. LaVoy, submission- armbar, 3:35 of Round 1.

David Love vs. Jeff Curran
Jeff Curran was fighting in front of many fans right in his backyard, but David Love didn’t care about that one bit. Love was the aggressor early in the first round, beating Curran to the punch and evading Curran’s counters. Some really nice movement and timing by Love, who landed the best strikes of the round.

Round 2 was a different story. Curran was first in on the exchanges, throwing multiple leg kicks to Love’s lead leg. He also worked the jab and kept Love on the outside. Toward the end of the round Curran kept pushing forward and landing various strikes, and continued to batter Love’s lead leg.

In round 3 Curran threw a right hand that landed, but he winced and backed away. It looked as if he might have broken his arm. After the fight he explained that he has a plate in the arm and has some nerve damage. Curran kept fighting. He was obviously in pain and didn’t seem able to use the arm. He threw jabs and leg kicks before shooting on Love and getting him tied up against the cage. The fighters traded knees in the clinch, then separated.

From there Curran landed a nice head kick, then went back to work on Love’s lead leg, landing some thunderous shots that made Love grimace. After a few more of those Love seemed as if he could not put full weight on his leg. But he proved tremendously game and kept fighting, making Curran work. Curran got his right arm back in action, connecting on some solid combos that sent Love backwards.

The judges scored it 30-27 for Curran. I thought Love definitely won round one, but no matter. Curran gets the win in a gutsy performance, one of the best local fights of the year.

Other results:
Mike Finch def. Timmy Lagray, submission- RNC, Round 2
Evian Rodriguez def. Russ Tabaka, submission- armbar, :58 of Round 1
Tommy Lagray def. James Garber, submission/tap due to injury, :58 of Round 1
Jake Klipp def. Ryan Moore, TKO Strikes, :49 of Round 1

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