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Results from Body Lock and American Predator Fighting Championship’s “Ultimate Battleground” at the Melrose Park Civic Center on February 19th, 2011.

Anthony Desoson vs. Jay Jerman: Jerman def. Desoson, Sub-Triangle Choke, 1:30 rd.3

Jose Brizuela vs. Bek Teslovic: Teslovic def. Brizuela, Sub-Guillotine, :29 rd.1

Rob Lanum vs. Juan Grenco: Grenco def. Lanum, TKO, :48 rd.1

Bryan Lachica vs. Eric Thomas: Lachica def. Thomas, Sub-Guillotine, 1:28 rd.1

Scottie Fortner wins via Guillotine, rd.2

Josh Schirmer vs. Robbie Sandoval: Schirmer def. Sandoval, Sub-Guillotine, :33 rd.2

Justin Gary vs. Jose Levia: Gary def. Levia, Sub-Heel Hook, rd.1

Lucas Grabowski vs. Cory Hall: Grabowski def. Hall, Sub-RNC, 2:26 rd.2

Jason Belyew vs. CJ Herrell: Belyew def. Herrell, TKO-Strikes, 2:30 rd.1

Daniel Szwab vs. Kyle Harper: Szwab def. Harper, KO, rd.2

Nick Gaynor vs. Dimitrius Williams: Williams def. Gaynor, Sub-RNC, 2:40 rd.1

Jung Nguyen vs. Jared Karlen: Karlen def. Nguyen, Unanimous Decision

Pedro Velasco vs. Jordin Hinman: Hinman def. Velasco, Sub-Verbal Tap, Injury, 1:35 rd.1

Notes from the event:

– Submission of the Night went to Combat-Do’s Josh Schirmer. Right before his submission, Schirmer pushed Sandoval up against the cage and actually waved to someone in the crowd. Seconds later he had Sandoval tapping.

– KO of the Night went to another Combat-Do fighter, Juan “Shrek” Grenco. Shrek landed a vicious straight right that felled IFL fighter Rob Lanum.

– Jordin Hinman switched teams a few months ago and is now a member of American Pit Fighters. After his win Hinman announced he is going pro.

-UFC fighters Mikey Lullo and Ric Lamas were in the house. Lullo cheered on the MTC fighters while Lamas was seen cornering Top Notch fighters. Both are waiting for word on their next fights in the UFC.

– MTC fighters went 3-0 on the night. Daniel Szwab is an absolute beast.

– Team Top Notch’s Dimitrius Williams made a successful return to the cage after suffering a dislocated shoulder against Joey Diehl at Ruckus Invades Navy Pier. The injury caused Williams to weigh in at over 170 lbs. in December. He said he had no problem making 130 for this fight. Williams also told us he hopes to turn pro soon.

– Hackney’s Jason Belyew had little trouble with IFL’s CJ Herrell to record his first win.

– Eric Thomas was doing very well in his bout against Dragonz Lair’s Bryan Lachica until he unleashed a wild, spinning back fist that left him unbalanced. Lachica seized the opportunity and locked in a guillotine for the win. Overheard in the crowd: “Silly rabbit…spinning backfists are for kids.”

– Kudos to APFC, Body Lock, Combat Consulting and Kage Concepts. The event started right on-time and it was smooth sailing throughout the event.

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