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RIP Big Poppa Schnake


RIP, Big Poppa Schnake

Cage announcer Big Poppa Schnake has passed away. Twitter, Facebook and other sources were stirring with the sad news during the last few days, and unfortunately it has been confirmed.

From Kankakee to King of the Cage and many points in between, Chris “Big Poppa” Schnake put his indelible stamp on MMA announcing with an original style that entertained, informed, and will surely never be duplicated.

You can surf around the web for many stories about his passing, but you will likely find one running commentary. They all touch on how much he loved the sport, how much fun he made it for the audience and how there will never be another like him.

Here are some thoughts from some of the members of the Chicago-area MMA community.

What a terrible loss to the MMA community. Schnake was a part of the Chicago Cagefighting Championship family and a good friend. He will be missed, and to quote one of my favorite Schnake sayings “peace and hair grease brother.”
-Joe Smith
Promoter, Chicago Cagefighting Championship

Definitely had a unique and personal announcing style. Big Poppa had the total package: flair, voice, presence and of course the outfits (loved the Scottish kilt.)

He was solid as a TV commentator as well. If a replay of any “MMA Sport Federation” events air on Fox Sports Net/Comcast Sportsnet you should watch. I thought he was better than many who are doing it on higher profile outlets. He definitely had a future in that.

Big Poppa definitely left his stamp on ring/cage announcing. Proof that not all the best talent is in the “big shows”, he’s definitely on that level and in my opinion more memorable.”
-L.J. Tabano
Writer, Chicago’s MMA

“R.I.P “Big Poppa” Schnake. I was glad to know him and PROUD to be a personal friend for many years. There is not a more passionate person I know.

I was in tears of sadness briefly, but tears of laughter took over when I was remembering all of the great times and outlandish things Chris had done and said.”
-Rob Hinds
MMA Referee, Combat Consulting

Schanke also was a part of the MMAWeekly family. They produced an excellent video of some of his highlights during his time with them. Here it is.

RIP, Big Poppa Schnake (1974-2011)

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