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APFC: MMA at the Max Results


Results from APFC’s MMA at the Max in McCook, Illinois on October 8, 2011.

Light Heavyweight Title

Josh Estrada vs. Quadrey Little
Estrada looked great in his debut at 205, and he was facing a tough, skilled opponent in Little, who pushed the pace and brought the fight to him.

Estrada showed remarkable calm through Little’s rushes, and was able to take his back in round 1. Round 2 begins with Little attempting a flying knee, which Estrada sees and pushes Little to the mat. Little continues to be the aggressor and Estrada continues to counter and get Little to the floor and get dominant position.

In round 3, Little had his best shot to take care of Estrada, getting his back and then top position. But Estrada reversed and got mount and started pounding on Little. Eventually he gave up his back and Estrada sank in a choke, and Little tapped. 2:17 into round 3, Josh Estrada over Quadrey Little.

Lightweight Title

Sam Agushi vs. Otis Brumfield
Agushi caught in subs but Brumfield showed incredible will and flexibility in not tapping to armbar after armbar. A few different people — cornermen included — could not believe that Brumfield’s arm did not break. Brumfield is a warrior, but he refused his corner’s instructions not to wrestle with Agushi and the submission catches were more than enough for Agushi to keep winning rounds. Agushi took the fight 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

Welterweight Title

Louis Boulahanis vs. Oliver Vazquez
This was an amazing fight, one of the best local fights I’ve seen all year. Both fighters stood in the pocket and exchanged shots in all three rounds. Boulahanis was the more accurate — and more punishing — striker, though Vazquez bloodied Boulahanis’ face too.

Both fighters were exhausted after the match, with Vazquez even puking in a bucket after round 2. That’s how frenetic the pace was. The fight went to the scorecards and Boulahanis took the decision 29-28, 29-28 & 30-27.

Heavyweight Title

Tyler Reece vs. Jason Belyew
Belyew landed some thunderous leg kicks and was the aggressor in the first two rounds. Reece’s only defense was to push him against the cage and try and dirty box from there. In the 3rd round, Belyew shot on Reece but Reese was able to stuff it and grab hold of Belyew’s neck. The fight went to the ground where Reece was able to secure a RNC at 1:16.

Women’s 145lb Title

Scottie “Iron Woman” Fortner vs Christine Sarricola
Fortner took Sarricola down in round 2 and got mount. She pounded on Sarricola, who continually tried to buck Fortner off. But Fortner keot raining down punches and referee Al Vickers stopped the bout.

Frank Dodd vs Johnny Rodriguez 135lbs
Rodriguez wins 1:38 rd.1 Tap via RNC

Charman Wilson vs Crystal Wolf
Charman Wilson wins :40 rd. 1 TKO-Strikes

Robbie Draski vs Brandon Conners
Draski KOs Conners cold with the first shot he threw. Draski wins via KO at :09. Conners gets some oxygen and is able to leave the cage on with some help.

Johnny Dodd vs Austin Allen
Johnny Dodd wins at :54 rd. 1 by Tap- Arm Triangle

Rodney Ross vs James Etley
James Etley of New Breed Jiu-Jitsu wins via Tap-RNC :23 of rd. 2

Matt Osborne vs Kris Kuehn
Excellent fight between Osborne and Kuehn. Goes to decision – 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 – Matt Osborne gets the win.

Paul Lambaste vs Austin Combs
Comns does some damage to Lambaste’s body while sitting in a guillotine for most of the first round. He was never in any serious trouble, but the round probably went to Lambaste.

Combs gets full mount at the start of round 2 and lays some leather down on Lambaste. Lambaste gives up his back and Combs sinks in a RNC. But time is short and Lambaste survives the round. It should be 1-1 on the judges’ cards.

Lambaste ended the 2nd round in a choke hold, but Combs seems uninterested at the start of round 3. Combs didn’t work enough in round 3, but landed a power slam to win round 3. He wins a unanimous decision.

Christian Bello vs Dennis Sherman
Sherman comes out with a mouth full of smack talk for Bello, then backs it up with a takedown and full mount. Bello gets a break of sorts when he takes an eyepoke and the fight is stopped. Sherman gets a point deducted.

It doesn’t faze Sherman as he comes out after the break and trips Bello and holds him down. But another eyepoke and Sherman is disqualified. Bello gets the win.

Robert Orsesk vs Sergei Grytsaienko
Grytsaienko wins vai 2nd rd TKO- Ref stoppage

Nathan Walker vs AJ Masters
Walker runs through Masters, winning via TKO at 1:11 of rd. 1

Dan Castro vs Jon Manos
Golden Gloves champ Manos lands a straight right that KOs castro :28 into rd. 1

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