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Chicago Cagefighting Championship IV Results


Chicago Cagefighting Championship

Results from Chicago Cagefighting Championship IV, at the Odeum Expo Center in Villa Park on October 15, 2011. We’ll update this page as soon as the action starts. Follow us on Twitter for live results.

Sean McCorkle vs Justin Grizzard

Big Sexy makes quick work of Justin Grizzard, getting him to tap from kimura at 1:57 of Round 1.

Chico Camus vs Robert Menigoz

Uflacker Academy’s Rob Meingoz against Roufusport’s Chico Camus. menigoz starts with a kick that Camus catches and they reset. Camus works menigoz up against the cage and his corner calls for a whizzer. Camus gets the takedown and gets side control. Camus complains to the ref about shots to the back of his head. Menigoz sweeps Camus from guard and has top position. Camus works to his feet, but it’s right back to the ground. Camus gets up and lands a flurry to end the round. Difficult round to score.

Round 2 starts with Menigoz scoring points by getting Camus up against the cage and landing some knees and short punches. No major damage, but Camus having trouble getting off the cage and turning Menigoz. But he finally does, and after a brief exchange on the feet, Camus gets a single, lifts up Menigoz and takes him for a ride. He can’t keep him on the ground though, and the fight gets back to standing. Camus lands a big right knee to the body of Menigoz, and the horn sounds.

Menigoz grabs a single to start the round but great takedown defense from Camus and he remains on his feet. Menigoz listens to instruction from Christian Uflacker and hooks Camus’ leg and he finally gets the takedown. Some solid ground and pound from Menigoz,  but Camus gets up. Menigoz takes Camus back and looks for RNC. Clearly the round goes to Menigoz. 29-28 Camus, 29-28 Menigoz and… 29-28 and winner via split decision Rob Menigoz.

Josh Shockley vs Mike Santiago

Team Top Notch’s Mike Santiago vs. Duneland Vale Tudo’s Josh Shockley at a catchweight of 160 lbs. Shockley starts the round with a huge slam, and Shockley takes his back and tries to sink in hooks. Shockley gets in the choke and Santiago tries hand-fighting but has to tap. Shockley defeats Santiago, tap-RNC, 2:18, round 1. Shockley tells the crowd in post-fight interview his next fight will be in Bellator in November.

Mike Pitz vs Robert Morrow

Morrow is now with the Gilbert Grappling camp vs. MTC’s Mike Pitz. This fight is fought at a catchweight of 195.  Pitz scoops Morrow up and power slams him to the ground. Morrow grabs full guard. Pitz walks Morrow against the cage, and Morrow calls for him to be more active and get his hips higher. Morrow tries to cage walk, but Pitz scoops him up again and puts him on the ground. Morrow gets up but Pitz still has him up against the cage. Morrow seems reluctant to throw his hands, and his corner lets him know about it. Morrow finally turns it on, unleashing some head kicks and left hands. Pitz gets the fight back to the ground and the round ends. 10-9 for Pitz.

The fighters meausre each other out at the start of round 2 when Pitz decides he’s had enough and slams Morrow to the ground again. Morrow has full guard but Pitz is scoring with some short hands. Pitz walks him up against the cage but the fight is stood up. Pitz fires a one-two and the cross sends Morrow down. The ref steps in to wave it off. Pitz defeats Morrow via KO, 2:56 of round 2. Pitz  deadpans his way through his post-fight interview, and it’s hilarious.

Will Brooks vs Ryan Bixler

Brooks takes round one, surviving an eye poke and a flurry from Bixler that had Brooks on the run. He still landed more shots and controlled the cage and pace of the round. In round 2 Brooks lands some good right hands and climbs  Bixler’s back, securing a RNC. Bixler tries to get loose by slamming Brooks to the ground, but Brooks holds on to the choke and Bixler has to tap. Brooks defeats Bixler via RNC in round 2. Brooks moves to 5-0, a very impressive prospect that we will likely see in major promotions in the future.

Rafal Skibinski vs Anthony Enyobi

A brief exchange to start the fight and then Skibinski gets Enyobi to the ground. He hunts for subs, including a RNC and maybe a neck crank but Enyobi escapes. Enyobi is able to reverse position but Skabinski has full guard and sinks in a triangle. After he adjusts it he gets the tap. Very impressive performance by Gilbert Grappling’s Skabinski, who gets his first pro win. Skabinski defeats Enyobi, tap -triangle choke, 4:19 of round 1.

Miodrag Petkovich vs Ed Carpenter

Team Top Notch’s Petkovich against MTC’s Carpenter. Carpenter shoots right after the fighter’s touch gloves. Carpenter keeps Petkovich down and improves his position. Carpenter works a head and arm choke and Petkovich goes to sleep. Carpenter wins via Technical sub-head & arm choke, 2:44 of round 1

Carson Beebe vs Daniel Aguirre

Exciting first round with impressive grappling by both fighters. Beebe spent more time on top, did more damage and caught Aguirre in a sub. He wins the round 10-9.

Much of the same in round 2. Beebe gets a takedown and tries to work ground and pound. Aguirre’s corner is upset that the ref has not stood up the fight, calling out that Beebe is just doing “lay and pray”. Still, Beebe wins the second round.

Beebe took Aguirre down again in round 3 and held him there for almost the entire round. He landed enough shots and kept dominant position so the ref did not stand the fighters up. Beebe takes a unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 cards.

Dennis Dombrow vs Bobby Reardanz

Reardanz now fighting out of Top Notch against MTC’s Dombrow. Reardanz lands a few leg kicks then gets taken down by Dombrow. Reardanz has full guard but Dombrow breaks loose and lands a big right hand. Reardanz gets back to guard and latches on to an arm. It’s deep and Dombrow taps. Reardanz defeats Dombrow, tap via armbar 2:17 of round 1.

Lukasz Grabowski vs Dan McGlasson

MTC’s Grabowski making his pro debut. Grabowski goes to the ground but reverses position, takes McGlasson’s back and sinks in a RNC. McGlasson escapes and reverses back to top position and gets mount up against the cage. Grabowski is able to get back to half-guard. Fighters end up in north-south and Grabowski tries for a heel hook. A few strikes by McGlasson sets him free. McGlasson gets top position again and his corner is calling for elbows. 10-9 round for McGlasson.

McGlasson shoots to begin round 2 and again Grabowski is on his back. He’s able to reverse into full mount. McGlasson gives up his back. Grabowski flattens him out, sinks in a RNC and gets McGlasson  to tap. Grabowski def. McGlasson, tap via RNC, 1:37, round 2.

Andrew Krzeptowski vs Darius Yancy

Yancy climbs up Krzeptowski and wraps his legs around him securing a triangle. Krzeptowski slams him to the ground twice. After the second slam Yancy switches to an armbar and gets the tap. Yancy wins via tap-armbar, :52 round 1

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