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Civil War MMA Results


by Jason Belyew

Here are the results from Civil War MMA: The Battle of Melrose Park.

Kyle Stark vs Alex Perez
(Stark wins 1:38 into Round 2 Referee stoppage due to strikes)

Tim Harris vs Corey Barriero
(Barriero wins 1:33 into Round 2 Referee stoppage due to strikes)

Brett Rutherford vs Eddie Escobar
(Escobar wins 2:59 into Round 2 via. Armbar)

Genevieve Girard vs Charman Wilson
(Girard wins 2:31 into Round 1 due to forfeiture) couldn’t breathe.

Blake Britain vs Dylan Thomas
(Thomas wins 1:05 into Round 1 Rear Naked Choke)

Larie Bonds vs Tim Kallas
(Kallas wins 2:58 into Round 1 via Armbar)

Andrew Burnell vs Kelan Moore
(Moore wins 2:48 into Round 3 due to Referee stoppage due to strikes)

Jacob Rincones vs Nate Walker
(Walker wins via unanimous decision)

Rob Mesce vs Christian Bello
(Mesce wins 2:26 into Round 1 K.O.)

James Barber vs Kuderian Dougia
(Barber wins via darce choke)

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