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Summer Brawl 2012 Results


Summer Brawl 2012

Results from Summer Brawl 2012, June 30, 2012 at the Odeum in Villa Park. Click here for a recap of the Summer Brawl 155lb. tournament.

170 Shaundell Golden vs. Bill Shelton- No contest- low blow ends fight.

170 Randy Kwasigroch vs. Kyle Klien – Klien def. Kwasigroch, 30-27 all three cards.

155 Tom Grimes vs. Jabari Dill- Grimes def. Dill, Tap-RNC, Round 1, 2:12

145 Chris Conway vs. Shaun Sanchez – Conway def. Sanchez, Tap-RNC, Round 1, 2:04

120 Anne Malinoff vs. Christine Sarricola- Sarricola 30-27 all 3 cards.

155 Oliver Vasquez vs. Otis Brumfield- Vasquez 29-28 on all 3 cards.

155 Matt Brax vs. Dustin Stusse- Brax def. Stusse, TKO ref stoppage strikes :42 round 1

155 Ricky Stanton vs. Austin Allen- Stanton def. Allen, tap-arm bar, :58, round 1

135 Kamil Broda vs. Kuderian Douglas- Broda def. Douglas, tap-RNC, 1:49, round 1

165 Brandon Andriola vs. Justin Mora- Mora def. Andriola, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27

135 Lucas Janke vs. Antonio Sanchez- Sanchez def. Janke, tap-triangle, 2:40, round 2

145 Jake Palmer vs. Mike Ryan- Ryan def. Palmer, tap-RNC, :35, round 1

125 Carlos Hernandez vs. Jonathan King- Hernandez def. King, TKO-ref stoppage/strikes, 1:53, round 1

135 Jose Torres vs. Amador Estrada- 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 UD Torres def. Estrada

155 Jose Mariscal vs. Tim Kallas- Mariscal Tap-armbar, Mariscal def. Kallas, 1:19, round 2 -Awarded ‘Fight of the Night’

170 Angelo Rivera vs. Stephan VonAulock- Rivera def. VonAulock, 30-27 on all 3 cards

145 Matt Stoffle vs. Jason Bottenhagen- Stoffle def. Bottenhagen, Verbal submission, 2:14, round 1

145 Al Corona vs. John Rodriguez-Rodriguez def. Corona, Tap-RNC, 1:16, round 1

205 Corey McNulty vs. Earskin Freeman- McNulty def. Freeman, Tap-RNC 1:29, round 2

Hwt Wes Anderson vs. John Strater- Anderson def. Strater, TKO-Strikes, :31, round 1

185 Jim Kernantz vs. Heath Nicholson- Kernantz def. Nicholson, Tap-RNC, round 1, 2:52

145 Donnie Simpson vs. Gerard Mills- Simpson def. Mills, Tap-RNC, :42, round 1

205 Daniel Szwab vs. Dan Alamario- Szwab def. Almario, TKO-Strikes, 1:43, round 1

135 Nick Turner vs. Anthony Grasso- Grasso def. Turner, verbal submission-injury, 1:33, round 1

Hwt Angel Cabral vs. Eddie Escobar- Cabral def. Escobar, 29-28 all 3 cards

155lb title: Oliver Vasquez vs. Matt Brax: Brax def. Vasquez via split decision.

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