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Conor McGregor and Las Vegas: MMA Match Made in Heaven



Las Vegas
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McGregor certainly seems like he can handle both the bright lights of Vegas and the spotlight that has been growing in intensity over the past few years.

His most recent fight – against Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 earlier in January – has set up a showdown with UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

It’s fair to say that it’s going to be built up to some sort of grudge match after McGregor confronted Aldo following his win over Siver. There has since been a response in support of Aldo. So you can certainly sense that any blood that’s going to be spilled will be bad.

It’s also being suggested that it’s the type of fight that Aldo needs when the two men do eventually get together.

May 23 at UFC 187 in Las Vegas is when the fight is being billed to take place, though there had previously been suggestions that the bout could be held in McGregor’s native Ireland, at Croke Park in Dublin.

McGregor has already fought once in Vegas, beating Dustin Poirier last September inside the first round.

The 26-year-old’s showman style is likely to crank up another gear when he comes face to face with Aldo.

And he also now has to manage the expectations which come with the reputation of being called the ‘Irish Muhammad Ali‘. At least that’s what UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta recently called him.

McGregor has done his best to play down such exalted comparisons and it certainly wouldn’t be advisable for anyone to compare themselves to Ali.

Yet you can see why Fertitta has tried to draw the comparison. McGregor has a certain way with words, even if his post-fight comments after beating Siver didn’t go down well with everybody.

He has a sense of humor, a sense of style in how he dresses and carries himself, and he also has a sense of style in the cage.

It’s that desire to try to entertain as well as win a fight which bears similarities to Ali.

McGregor is now going to have to start living with that sort of hype, which is only going to increase the more he puts himself in the firing line.

He has coped well with it so far and his impressive victory over Siver was his 13th straight win.

But a fight against Aldo is another step up. Aldo has gone five rounds several times in his career, something McGregor has yet to do.

Aldo is also strong on the ground and he could be able to nullify some of McGregor’s strengths.

Yet, at the same time, McGregor has displayed a fearless approach in his career to date and you can’t see him changing his strategy just because he is facing the champion.

The high-profile nature of a championship fight in Vegas is the stage where McGregor feels he deserves to be. But, just like Ali did in his boxing career, McGregor is going to have to make sure that it’s more than his mouth that can do the talking.

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