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File this under sad but true. Mayhem Promotions is done promoting MMA events here in the Chicago area.

Chicago’s MMA confirmed this with Mayhem’s Jeff Albin. “It’s definitely not something we wanted, that’s for sure. We had some major issues with sponsors not paying and it snowballed from there. We really appreciated the fighters, their camps, Combat Consulting and all the other quality people that made our shows work.”

The “Disorderly Conduct” shows were a pleasure to watch and cover . The events were always of the highest quality, professional from top to bottom. This is a huge loss for the Chicago MMA community, and we’ll miss covering the events.

Watch some of the best fights from the “Disorderly Conduct” events:

Mike Welch vs. Donald Harper, Disorderly Conduct III

Ben Koff vs. Clark Adams, Disorderly Conduct II

Keith Colon vs. Matt Swanson, Disorderly Conduct II

Chris Lane vs. Mike Welch, Disorderly Conduct II

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